Using the Passive


Passive tenses

  • Present Simple Passive: am / is / are + past participle, e.g. is built / are measured
  • Present Continuous Passive: am / is / are being + past participle, e.g. are being constructed
  • Future Simple Passive: will be + past participle, e.g. will be completed
  • Past Simple Passive: was / were + past participle, e.g. was designed
  • Past Continuous Passive: was/were being + past participle, e.g. were being deployed
  • Present Perfect Passive: has / have + been + past participle, e.g. has been published
  • Past Perfect Passive: had been + past participle, e.g. had been postponed
Tense Active Passive
present simple make a cake. A cake is made (by me).
present continuous am making a cake. A cake is being made (by me).
past simple made a cake. A cake was made (by me).
past continuous was making a cake. A cake was being made(by me).
present perfect have made a cake. A cake has been made (by me).
pres. perf. continuous have been making a cake. A cake has been being made (by me).
past perfect had made a cake. A cake had been made(by me).
future simple will make a cake. A cake will be made (by me).
future perfect will have made a cake. A cake will have been made (by me).


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