Oral Examination 2018 – General Information

General Information:

  • 8-10 minute oral presentation, 3-5 minutes for questions / spontaneous discussion
  • 20% of total grade


  • Topic of your choiceCan be a business, technical or a topic covered in  B2 course.  E.g. company profile, a new market segment, a description of a technical device, environmental or cultural issues, globalisation, sport…Look at blog for ideas
  • Oral Examinations to take place (in classroom SH 202 / during class time) on: MONDAY 11th and 18th JUNE 2018


  • To fill in sign-up sheet.  On sheet, student to indicate:  

1) Preferred date  &   2) Topic of presentation


*Company Profile*:

May include:

  • Some facts – history, industrial sector, global profile, yearly revenue, financial situation
  • The strengths of the company – brand image, existing products and new products, impact on the environment
  • The threats – any future dangers like existing or new competition, political problems, demand and supply issues
  • Future goals – such as entering a new market segment (for example with a new product), acquisition of related company


*Describing a Technical Device, Process or Latest Technology*

May include:

  • How it works. The functions/technical specifications
  • What it is made of. The materials and properties
  • What it looks like. Dimensions, shape, characteristics
  • How it is used by people – Applications
  • Features & benefits the product brings the customer /user.
  • Trends in technical development – E.g. Current state of technology and future projections of its development.


  • Choose topic wisely and do your research
  • Proof-read slides carefully for grammatical / spelling errors
  • Practice, practice and practice!
  • Use your own laptop or have USB stick for the e-board (if giving an e-presentation)
  • Familiarise yourself with all equipment in classroom prior to presentation


How to Give a Better Speech: Talk to a Dog:



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