Writing a Book / Film Review

Writing a book / Film Review



Adjectives (synonyms) you can use for writing a review (to describe a book/film):

  • Exciting: thrilling, exhilarating, dramatic, fast-paced, sensational, gripping, intriguing, lively, electrifying, nail-biting, edge of the seat
  • Interesting: fascinating, compelling, absorbing, riveting, engaging, striking, stimulating, engrossing, enthralling, magical, meaningful, clever
  • Good: brilliant, superb, outstanding, great, exceptional, excellent, favourable, awesome, marvellous, spectacular, wonderful, talented
  • Bad: atrocious, appalling, dreadful, terrible, awful, lousy, poor, inferior, inadequate, dissatisfactory, rotten, weak, horrid, disjointed, disappointing, meaningless
  • Frightening: frightful, fearful, terrifying, shocking, gruesome, horrendous, ghastly, , horrifying, horrific, chilling, macabre, menacing, spooky, scary, petrifying
  • Boring: dull, tedious, monotonous, ponderous, mundane, slow-paced
  • Funny: hilarious, humorous, comical, uproarious, entertaining
  • Stupid: crazy, absurd, ridiculous, laughable, dumb, idiotic, foolish, nonsensical
  • Nice: pleasant, pleasing, beautiful, lovely, appealing, delightful

Sample Review



Homework Assignment 

Write a review about a book OR film of your choice.

  • State whether you liked or disliked it.
  • Give reasons for your decision.
  • Word length: 150 words (double spaced).