Unit 12 – Technology (‘New Language Leader’)

Interesting Articles

Technophobe’s Delight /Gadget Glut’ by Etgar Keret (Yes, same guy who owns the world’s thinnest house – in Lesson 7!)


Inventions that changed the world



The ‘Plain People’ – the Amish:



The Amish – A People of Preservation (video):

Genetically modified food:



Anti-Cheater Drone @ Exams:


The Air Shepherd Initiative – drone technology to stop poaching of elephants and rhinos (video):


Nike Shoe Technology – helping people with disabilities:


Augmented Reality 




Textiles as technology 


An app that allows the blind get assistance from sighted people when needed:


Google’s Project Soli (with video):


‘Smart’ bamboo whisk revolutionises the art of the Japanese tea ceremony:


Superintelligence a threat to humans?


Grammar – Conditionals

First Conditional

  • Used to talk about real possibilities
  • If + present simple + may / will / might / should + infinitive without to
  • E.g. If you ask her, she’ll (she will) answer your question.

Second Conditional

  • Used to talk about unreal situations in the present or future
  • If + past simple + would / could / might + infinitive without to
  • E.g. If you were a superhero(ine), what would you do?

Third Conditional

  • Used to talk about unreal situations in the past
  • Used to express regrets or to criticise
  • If + past perfect + would / could / might + have + past participle
  • E.g. If she had participated in the race, she could have won a medal.
  • E.g. If I had studied harder, I would have got better grades. (regrets)

For Mixed  Conditionals and more details, see Language Reference page 148

Homework Monday 01.06.15 – Answer Key

Page 119, Ex. 11 Grammar – Correct the sentences. (Some can be corrected in two ways).

  1. I’d I’ll buy you a new tablet as long as you agree to study hard. / I’d buy you a new tablet as long as you agreed to study hard.
  2. Would you be interested in investing in more technology if you have had the chance?
  3. If I start started this technology course, I think I’d do it differently.
  4. Imagine you had no access to the internet, what will would you do?
  5. Supposing that the computer crashed crashes, who will you phone?
  6. You can borrow my iPad provided that you would bring it back tomorrow.  (Note: the present tense is used in both clauses, but is a first conditional because it refers to future time.)

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